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About Us

grUVywear was conceived on a sunny Southern California beach by two mothers; a native Californian and South African import. With swimming, surfing and plenty of opportunities for outdoor play, good weather is enjoyed here year round. But all this fun comes with a price. As little as two early sunburns can increase skin cancer later in life due to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Aware of the consequences of sun exposure, we have committed ourselves to find a way for children to “Stay in the sun and still have fun!”

Since skin cancer is the fastest growing form of cancer in the United States, our challenge was to design protective, fashionable and comfortable swimwear children would love. With that in mind, grUVywear was born. Using vibrant colors and bold prints, we have designed stylish swimwear that can be worn all day for added protection. The lycra-nylon blend is breathable, comfortable and quick drying while blocking out 97.5% of the sun’s damaging rays.

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